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“Intuition! Dimensions of the Early Work of Joseph Beuys” at the Museum Kurhaus Kleve (19.06-03.10 2021).

In the rooms of the former Beuys studio, works from the time before his appointment as art professor at the Düsseldorf Art Academy will be shown. 


Intuition. Dimensions of Beuys’ early work, 2021  

Duration: 5:31 min.

The Exhibition

How long have you been writing about art: exhibition here, exhibition there. One knows one’s own sensitivities. Or so you thought. It’s rare enough for an exhibition to come along that moves you to tears……….. “Intuition!” shows a fragile Beuys – a Beuys before the hustle and bustle. Before the hype. (Heiner Frost, Niederrhein-Nachrichten 19.06.2021

Additional information:

Caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly, NN 2021-06-19. Page 1+5 

The studio

The old studio of Beuys can be visited again since the expansion of the museum in 2012. In this studio Beuys made the Büderich memorial in 1959, which returned to Kleve for a short time during the impressive exhibition Joseph Beuys – Werklinien in 2016. 


Beuys’ studio in the old spa baths


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